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Gustav Borch Lützhøft

Digital Designer, frontend developer, music producer & DJ

Gustav Borch Lützhøft is a frontend web developer, music producer and DJ living in Copenhagen, Denmark. Gustave has studied both a bachelor’s in music production & sound engineering from Point Blank / Middlesex University (UK) and a master’s in Digital design & interactive technologies from the IT-University of Copenhagen (DK),


Gustav spends his time working with and drawing inspiration from the software development world and the music world. He enjoys working with projects, that are both contributing to an artistic and societal plan.


Gustav is working full-time as a front-end developer, while carving out time to DJ and produce music in his spare time. Gustav’s music can be described as dreamy and full of emotions.


In 2020, Gustav released his first solo record, named “Misophonia”. To accompany the record with visuals, Gustav also developed a visual website - with roots in the term “hyperzine”, where he could showcase images, videos and soundbites, that helped tell the story and visualize the album atmosphere. In 2022, Gustav released the first alpha version of “Sanctum”, a web-based forever soundscape, triggered by a game of numbers.



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