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Gavin Whyte

Producer, music business professional

Gavin Whyte MXGIK is a UK based producer and music business professional.

Born just outside Durban in South Africa and on the move constantly as a child exposed him to a lot of different styles of music and this can be heard in his production. Currently residing in London, his music is heavily influenced by UK and American hip hop, UKG and Dubstep.


Primarily, Gavin’s production style is a subtle mixture of Dark Hip-Hop, Trap and Dubstep. With obvious cultural influences focusing on occult themes, his sporadic percussion, surging 808 basslines and minimal and ambient sounds sprinkled amongst it all really help to create his unique sound.


However, recently he has been working on a new project that explores a fusion of Downtempo, Pop and Jazz coincided with his original production style.


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